How to Choose the Best Right Fit for Plus Size Girls
-A Complete Jeans Guide for Any Plus Size Look

In the past, plus-size girls could only go to the tailor shop to measure their waist, hips, thighs, etc., and finally buy customized jeans that fit their size, which is deadly troublesome, and this is only because the market is usually available for S-XL size, if you want more? Sorry we don't have that size. Now it extends from L to 5XL. But still, we are getting trouble in the wrong details.
Right ass width? Why my waist feel so tight?
Waist breathable finally, but my legs can not breath, what's the matter!
Why did this pair of jeans shrink after wearing it once?
There are a lot troublesome issues we need to solve.

Nowadays, even though Plus size girls can shop their clothing online as much as they want, but how to choose a Right Fit plus size jeans that is really suitable for us and comfortable to wear, and shape our curves better at the sametime, still remains the problem.

This blog mainly introduces the way to choose plus size jeans in details. Let's Check it Out!

Guess why the middle two?

Tip 1:
Jeans would be wore comfortably and have stronger wrapping feeling when the difference between waist before and after is more than 2cm.

Problems for the 1st:
People with big ass would probably feel tight and a sense of getting stuck when the front and back of the jeans waist are at the same height.

Problems for the 4th:
Due to the fabric contains spandex, the waist of pants would get loose and wider easily.

Tip 2:
When the jeans are folded in half, the greater the radian, the greater the warping, and so does the comfortability, which means this jeans are more friendly to someone with fuller figures.

Tip 3:
When the difference between the front and rear crotch of the pants is more than 2cm, people with a plump figure would wear it comfortably and not easy to get stuck with the crotch.

Tip 4:
The further forward the lateral suture is, the better apprearance.
It's a absolutely an excellent way to shape our curves.

Tip 5:
Back Yoke Line.
The smaller the Angle, the better the butt lift.

Tip 6:
If you have a wide crotch, you can choose jeans with pockets that stand closer, since it would make your ass look more gathered visually, if your crotch is narrower, you can choose the jeans with pockets that far apart.

After the introduction of choosing the right jeans for a plus-size girl.
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