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Over the last few years, with a growing demand for plus size apparel, many fashion brands have turned their attention to plus size clients and expanded their clothing sizes to fit curvy bodies.

However, there is a fact worthy of consideration; some of these brands take advantage of plus size for-profit and the promotion of their brand images, as opposed to really understanding the needs of large size people.

Certainly, there are excellent examples of companies that specialize in producing large size clothing. But to be honest, their products are cheap, uninspired, and conservative for women who feel insecure about their own body shapes.

Or on the pretext of designing for plus size girls, the garments are overpriced.

Should plus size girls hide their bodies in oversize and ugly clothes and be ignored by everyone? Should they pay several times the price for the extra fabrics?

Big size women might always get frustrated by this difficult situation. Don't worry. Xpluswear got you covered.

We don't produce fast fashion clothing that just can be worn for one season and create pretty ordinary basics. We want to build a lifestyle brand that permeates every aspect of plus size women's lives with the vision of innovative design, high quality, ultra comfort, great inclusiveness, affordability, and luxury.

We believe that there is no body standard; beauty comes in different shapes. It's not only the women with slim body shapes standing out from the crowd. Large bodies can also be gorgeous. Confidently showing off your curves in our well-designed clothing will make you look your best. The only thing you should do is feel good about yourself and love yourself the way you really are.



How Do We Do It

1. Customers-First

Xpluswear is customer-focused. To boost our client satisfaction, we guarantee you can get online customer support within two business days. If the dress doesn't fit your body properly, please contact us at any time. You will get a new one that is true to your size.

Your feedback plays a massive role in our product's development. We always read reviews from customers on our website and on social media. We listen to them, understand their needs, and respond quickly to solve their problems.

For example, one customer who got a maxi sequin dress for her birthday party thought a mini length was more stunning. So we incorporated her idea and offered a mini option.


2. High Quality

Made of skin-friendly materials, our products can bring you the perfect comfort, softness, and breathability. The fabrics of embroidery, sequins, and crochet are used in most of our garments. They help add the finishing touch to a look and make you wow everyone.

Fashion is not for a specific person; it's for everyone. We are committed to providing affordable pieces to ensure you get access to high-quality luxury clothing on a small budget.


3. Inclusiveness

Xpluswear produces gender-inclusive clothing. A skirt is not just designed for girls, and pants are not created for boys. Everyone should get dressed to their liking instead of conforming to gender stereotypes. The LGBTQ community deserves the chance to wear any outfit that works best for them.


4. Versatility

Our clothing is multifunctional. By wearing it with appropriate pieces, it can be perfect for any occasion. For example, matching our dress with heels and jewelry will create an incredibly glamorous outfit suitable for formal events like prom, parties, concerts, and ceremonies. Or you can just style it with sandals or flats to have a casual look for daily wear.


5. Socially Responsible

During the epidemic, some people suffered from unemployment and failed to afford their daily expenses. It is a huge social concern. Thus, Xpluswear, as a socially responsible brand, offered lots of job opportunities for unemployed people.

Besides, to reduce our ecological footprint, we use recyclable garment packing bags. It is also a good option to put items there while shopping.



Me and Xpluswear

I heard about Xpluswear from a friend by chance. I considered it an untrustworthy brand as its website didn't present complete product information. Besides, getting appropriate big size clothes online is no easy feat. My friend thought the same. However, we both changed our minds after she put on the Xpluswear dress. The high-quality dress flattered her curves and visually elongated her figure. She looked stunning in it.

I was surprised at how perfectly a dress complimented big bodies. So I wanted to give it a try. I purchased a $49.9 casual dress on the Xpluswear website. With a 20% off coupon from my friend, I just needed to pay $40.

The dress was true to size, and its color was exactly as shown in the picture. With skin-friendly and breathable fabrics, the dress gave me super comfort. It hugged me in all the right places and provided freedom of movement.

It was a good deal! I loved Xpluswear! I told all of my friends how amazing Xpluswear was and created a post to express my excitement. I even bought a sequin dress for my mother's 80th birthday party. Thus, now I'm a big fan of Xpluswear.


Our Achievements


After years of dedication to plus size fashion, Xpluswear boasts an excellent reputation for providing superior quality garments for large figures. We have about ten million website visits, and millions of products are purchased per year. The annual sales in 2022 exceeded 20 million dollars, reaching a rapid growth rate of 15%.

Our customers are more than satisfied with our innovative clothing and great service. They leave rave reviews and always repurchase garments on our website. Most of them even convince their friends to buy from us.

Xpluswear has gradually become a global leader in the plus size fashion industry and a large contributor to society. Subsequently, we have a growing number of followers at home and abroad.


Our Team


Xpluswear's being an influential fashion brand is bound up with the concerted efforts of our several hundred colleagues. Our team consists of designers, buyers, pattern-makers, stylists, social media influencers, and so on. We devote ourselves to the clothing industry and keep improving our expertise.

Our employees are professional, experienced, creative, and meticulous. Driven by our customer-first policy, we always wear our clients' shoes. Apart from our models, all of our plus size employees will also try on our products. We will continuously make improvements to clothing according to their wearing experiences.

In addition, for social sharing convenience, we set up a fashion Ambassador Team to let you know more real feedback on our designed clothes. If you are interested in it, please just search for our brand on FB or IG. You will not regret it.

Our colleagues work in accordance with high workmanship standards, putting emphasis on customers' ideas and every detail during the clothing production and delivery process. With such a highly efficient, cohesive, and responsible team in constant pursuit of perfection, it is a breeze for Xpluswear to beat competitors.


Our Future

In the future, we will still remain true to our mission of producing high-quality, gender-inclusive, and affordable luxury clothing for plus size bodies. Our fashion wardrobes will help more plus size women who struggle to find the right clothing get out of trouble. As your friends, we are going to improve your fashion style and lifestyle.

Plus, we will make a difference in society. To some extent, gender stereotypes and beauty standards negatively influence the way people dress and live. We will do our best to change these rigid ideas. Beauty is inclusive. All of us should be guided by this.


 (Here are some looks from our Xplus Design)



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Shenzhen Eko Times Technology Co., Ltd


We offer email/FB Messenger customer service only. If you have any questions or issues, please send us a mail or drop a DM via FB we will reply within 48 business Hrs. 

> Please ensure that you enter your email address correctly when checking out or creating an account and we recommend that you contact us with your sign-up e-mail or the e-mail you used to complete your order.

> It's not good enough, but have to say that exchanges/Returns will not be accepted without having previously contacted our customer service team.


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