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At Xpluswear, we always keep our mission with you - You are the character on the stage. Please just choose your own style here. Inspired by real people, real moments, and real moods, each Xpluswear piece is intentionally curated with specific references, occasions, and aesthetics in mind, ensuring that every colorful dress to retro denim jeans inspires you as much as you inspire us.

We are an open community with colorful stories and buildings. We are here to help you record your beautiful and amazing moments. All styles and aesthetics are welcome. Click the images to relevant channels and know more about us.

Plus Size, Plus Confidence

It encapsulates our mission to make plus-size women feel

confident and beautiful. We hope that you enjoy our designs and feel

more confident in dressing them, as we believe that

everyone should be able to express themselves through style.

Nobody is nobody and nobody that is not worthy of being loved and appreciated.

There are already enough beautiful clothes made for small-size girls in the world, we just want to design clothes for plus girls to show their confidence and beauty.

And most importantly, Xpluswear knows what you like.

At Xpluswear online shopping, we take pride in understanding your pursuit of the perfect fit. Our clothing is designed by taking measurements of actual plus-size women because we recognize that every body is unique. For us, fit is of utmost importance, and style is equally essential.

We also prioritize providing excellent quality and the best customer service among all online women's wear boutiques.

You can shop with confidence, knowing that we will never sell or share your personal information, such as your credit card numbers, identity information, or addresses with any third party.

When you place an order with, we take great care in packaging your order to ensure your privacy is always respected. Our beautiful items are always in stock and can be shipped promptly.

We value our customers above all else and have taken every measure to make sure your shopping experience at is the best it can be. And we always keep working hard to improve our service.