Shipping Info

Shipping Info


1. All orders are processed within 5 Days of the order date.

2. If the item is in stock and not a pre order, it will ship within 2 weeks.

3. Pre order items will ship on or before date listed on product page.

(If you have additional items listed on a pre order, we will ship separately.)

4. The final delivery time depends on the local logistic information.

5. Our logistics providers support shipping your order to USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Europe.


Delivery Note

1. Shipping begins when you receive shipping confirmation email with tracking details;

2. For damaged or missing pieces, please contact Customer Service Team for further assistance;

3. There will be some delay on the delivery due to the impact of COVID-19;

4. Please kindly note that there may be slight delay on order dispatching due to peak season.


*Please keep in mind*

1.Our shipping times should be used as a guide only and are based on time from dispatch. Xplus will try to minimize any potential delays.

2.Unreachable upon shipment’s arrival and incorrect consignee's information (such as delivery address, contact number, or consignee's name). In this case, we are not able to file a refund for you. If you find that your order information is wrong, please contact customer service team with your order number and correct information before shipment.


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