The Quick Guide to Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Don't Miss Out on The Ultimate Shopping Deals at This Season!

There will be our ultimate event for Black Friday & Cyber Monday from November 19th to November 30th. Please unlock this guide with the following Details and Tips.

Early Bird Sale From Nov. 19 to 25

1. 3 Coupons for Sitewide

Buy 3 Get 4th 50% Off: X50

Buy 4 Get 5th 70% Off: X70

Buy 5 Get 6th For Free: Free

Please note the special offer will be ended on 25th November, 2021.

2. Lucky Bags

We release 3-level lucky bags at $9.9 to $49.9.

The Standard includes 2 random items at $9.9, Premium includes 3 random items at $29.9, and Elite includes 5 random items at $49.9.

3. Flash Sale

Flash sale starts from Nov.26 to 30, and the price will be started at $1.49

4. Buy $39 Get Shopping Bag, Buy $79 Get Sticker, Buy $199 Get Christmas Wreath.

During the whole sale period, you can get extra free gifts when the purchase amount reaches the required amount.

Christmas Wreath Limited Amount Only 100 pcs.

Note: You can stack this offer with any coupon code. But you cannot stack two coupon offers on the same order.

5. 30% Off Sitewide Coupon for Purchased VIP Members

Sincerely appreciate the kind support from our VIP members, we have prepared a 30% OFF code BFD30, which can only be used by purchased customers.

Note: The coupon valid time from Nov. 22 to Dec. 3.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale From Nov. 26 to 30

1. Coupons for Sitewide

From Nov.26-30, there are 3-level coupons for the whole site.

Buy $139 save $20: BF20

Buy $269 save $50: BF50

Buy $459 save $100: BF100

Note: The coupon valid time from Nov. 26 to 30.

2. Crazy Giveaways!

On the day of Nov. 26 (UTC-5), we will give a $500 gift card to the lucky customer who pays the highest order amount.

Note: The card is valid for one year.

And we will choose 10 random lucky ladies who place the paid order to get free orders. We give a gift card of the corresponding amount based on the purchase amount.

Note: These gift cards are valid for 2 months.

3. 40% Off Big Discount

We offer a special deal for the whole site. If you buy 30 pcs or more, you will get 40% off for your order.

Note: The discount cannot support any code.

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