The 8 Best Plus Size A-line Dresses of 2023 for Any Event

Generally, loose-fit dresses are worn to hide their body flaws while bodycon dresses are favored for accentuating curves. However, both styles come with their downsides. Loose-fit dresses can make you look bulky and shapeless, while bodycon dresses will restrict your movement and emphasize your bulges or bumps. 

Fortunately, there is a better choice that combines the advantages of both styles - the A-line dress. This dress has one of the most flattering silhouettes that fit closely at the top and flares out of the hem. It can create a slim and well-defined figure and give you an elegant and timeless look suitable for any black-tie event. With A-line dresses, you no longer have to be torn between loose fit and bodycon dresses as it offers the best of both worlds.

If you're in the market for the perfect evening look, Xpluswear has got you covered with the collection of A-line dresses. Keep reading to discover your favorite party outfit!




❤️1 - Xpluswear Plus Size Hot Pink Semi Formal O Neck Puff Sleeve A-Line Midi Dress

(Hot Pink / Black / White)

Xpluswear Plus Size Hot Pink Semi Formal O Neck Puff Sleeve A-Line Midi Dress


BUY IT NOW ! $44.99

Make a big entrance into the plus size a-line formal dress for a statement look! It is lightweight and comfortable, making you feel like you're wearing pajamas. The puff sleeves can hide your goodbye meat and create a dramatic effect. The hot pink dress will give you an eye-catching and bold look that'll definitely make you stand out. 



❤️2 - Plus Size Black Daily Ruffled Flower Print Tunic A Line Midi Dress(NO Belt)

(Black / Beige)

Xpluswear Plus Size Black Daily Ruffled Flower Print Tunic A Line Midi Dress(NO Belt)


BUY IT NOW ! $44.99

The plus size little black A-line dress is a showstopping wardrobe piece that can be worn to a range of events, like cocktail parties, bridal showers, and casual outings. There's much to love about the dress, from the ruffle to the floral print to cinched wait. To create a more defined waistline and balanced silhouette, add a belt to your outfit.



❤️3 - Xpluswear Plus Size One Shoulder Cut Out Ankara All Over Print A-Line Overlay Mini Dress


Xpluswear Plus Size One Shoulder Cut Out Ankara All Over Print A-Line Overlay Mini Dress


BUY IT NOW ! $31.99

Everything about the plus size a-line dress is chic. It features with one shoulder, cut out, Ankara print, and mini length. The dress is perfect for showing off your killer legs and making them look longer while sculpting your waistline. The overlay dress exudes a bold and festive vibe, making you feel like a cute princess and providing a one-of-a-kind option for your wardrobe.



❤️4 - Xpluswear Plus Size Work A-Line Pleated Round Neck Midi Dress

(Turquoise / Claret / Purple / Dark Blue / Sky Blue / Pink)

Xpluswear Plus Size Work A-Line Pleated Round Neck Midi Dress


BUY IT NOW ! $37.99

Let's count the reasons why we love the plus size summer A-line dress: It has a soft texture and breathable materials, a shape-enhancing belt, and visually appealing pleated details that flatter your figure. The dress is a go-to piece suitable for occasions that are somewhere between casual and formal. You can dress it up with heels and accessories for a dressy look or dress it down with flats for a modest everyday outfit.



❤️5 - Xpluswear Design Plus Size Formal Black Elegant A-line Tulle Solid Midi Dress

(Gradient Blue / Black)

Xpluswear Design Plus Size Formal Black Elegant A-line Tulle Solid Midi Dress


BUY IT NOW ! $47.99

You'll fall in love with the smooth-as-silk material of the plus size little black A-line dress! It is adaptable to different events, from graduation ceremonies to nights out to running errands. Thanks to its breathable fabrics, you can stay cool and dry even in the sweltering heat. Plus, the tulle hem adds a feminine touch to the dress and gives it a flowing silhouette. 



❤️6 - Xpluswear Plus Size Elegant Lace Sheer Polka Dot A-line Puff Sleeve Retro Maxi Dress

(Purple / Black)

Xpluswear Plus Size Elegant Lace Sheer Polka Dot A-line Puff Sleeve Retro Maxi Dress


BUY IT NOW ! $49.99 (Save $25.00)

The plus size maxi A-line dress has a wedding and party vibe that works all year round. It's designed with sheer and lightweight fabrics, lace, polka dots, a v-neckline, and puff sleeves, making it a stunning dress to make you the center of attention. We particularly love how the style creates a flattering waistline and evokes a romantic and aesthetic ambiance.



❤️7 - Xpluswear Plus Size Elegant Mesh Puff Sleeve Stitching Pearl A Line Ruffle Overlay Midi Dresses

(White / Black)

Xpluswear Plus Size Elegant Mesh Puff Sleeve Stitching Pearl A Line Ruffle Overlay Midi Dresses


BUY IT NOW ! $62.99 (Save $37.00)

If you're in the mood for a fresh take on a classic style, never miss out on the plus size white A-line dress. Every inch of the dress is adorned with luxurious details, like mesh puff sleeves, ruffle hem, pearl, overlay, and stitching designs. Imagine how gorgeous you'll look in this overlay dress paired with heels and earrings while hitting the dance floor or attending parties. 



❤️8 - Xpluswear Plus Size Emerald Green Daily Pearl Puff Sleeve Square Neck A-Line Midi Dress


Xpluswear Plus Size Emerald Green Daily Pearl Puff Sleeve Square Neck A-Line Midi Dress


BUY IT NOW ! $52.99

For an elegant look that's sure to earn you style points without breaking the bank, look no further than plus size A-line wedding dress with long sleeves. The square neck draws attention to your collarbones and creates the illusion of a longer neck, while the puff sleeves embellished with pearl add a touch of elegance to the dress.



  1. Can Any Body Shape Wear A-line Dresses?

Absolutely! A-line dress is designed to flatter any body shape and help to minimize the appearance of problem areas, whether you have a pear, apple, rectangle, or any other body shape. By wearing the dress, you'll feel good and look like a million dollars.


  1. What Colors Should I Choose for A-line Dresses?

It totally depends on you! Different colors can create different styles. For example, If you want to make a bold statement, consider a red A-line dress. For a versatile and timeless outfit, you should turn to a black A-line dress. And you can't go wrong with a white A-line dress for an elegant and sophisticated look.


  1. Is There an Age Limit for Wearing A-line Dresses?

No, women of all ages can wear a-line dresses, and different age groups can showcase different beauty when wearing them. Young women in A-line dresses have a fresh and lively beauty, while older women in one exude a more sophisticated and refined beauty that is associated with their maturity and experience.

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