17 Best Plus Size Halloween Costumes of 2023 to Make Lasting Memories

Halloween holds a special place as it offers a brief respite from reality, enabling you to completely immerse yourself in the eerie atmosphere and revel in the excitement and anticipation it brings. Moreover, the festival brings the joy of gathering with loved ones, be it family, friends, or even romantic partners, adding an extra layer of delight to the occasion.

If you want to make a memorable impression on Halloween, it's essential to go all out with a costume that stands out from the rest. Feeling completely lost and unsure of where to begin? Don't fret, you've come to the right place!

To tackle this daunting challenge, Xpluswear has carefully selected a diverse range of Halloween costumes that will give you a unique look, effortlessly capturing everyone's attention and earning you countless compliments.

Now, to guarantee a fail-proof Halloween look, take a moment to peruse these Halloween costumes and choose the one that absolutely mesmerizes you.



Plus Size Ursula Costume

Xpluswear Design Plus Size Halloween Costume Black Inflatable Cosplay Knitted Two Piece Dress Set [Pre-Order]


BUY IT NOW ! $107.99

It's needless to say how popular Disney characters are among people, especially the iconic villains like Ursula. So naturally, if you recreate the sea witch look, it's safe to say your costume will make quite a splash in the crowd. Of course, to really bring your look to life, make sure not to forget to add a white wig to your costume.


Plus Size Witch Costume

Xpluswear Design Plus Size Halloween Costume Black Velvet Witches Gothic Maxi Dress (Without Gloves) [Pre-Order]


BUY IT NOW ! $74.99

There's nothing quite like the impact of donning a plus size warlock costume on Halloween. It exudes an aura of darkness and mystique, with a touch of the supernatural. You can bet that this Halloween costume will have people trembling in fear, and it might just startle some trick-or-treating kids so much that they'll be scared out of their wits and pee their pants.



Plus Size Gothic Costume

Xpluswear Design Plus Size Halloween Costume Red Gothic Crochet Round-Neck Long Sleeve Striped Sweater [Pre-Order]


BUY IT NOW ! $32.99

The plus size Punk Gothic Grunge sweater is a fantastic choice for a Halloween costume. It has an effortlessly casual feel, but it genuinely does wonders in creating an edgy and spooky look, allowing you to showcase your unique style. Moreover, the sweater provides both comfort and warmth with its cozy fabric. To add the cherry on the top, adding heavy makeup will make a significant impact on the overall look.



Plus Size Pumpkin Costume

Xpluswear Design Plus Size Halloween Costume Orange Cosplay Inflatable Pumpkin Mini Dress [Pre-Order]


BUY IT NOW ! $49.99

No Halloween celebration is truly complete without pumpkins. That's why the plus size inflatable pumpkin costume is an absolute must-have for the occasion. It not only makes you look incredibly adorable and playful but also boasts a dramatic style that effortlessly ensures you stand out from the crowd without any additional effort.



Plus Size Bat Costume

Xpluswear Design Plus Size Halloween Costume Black Hooded Bat Knitted Mini Dress [Pre-Order]


BUY IT NOW ! $42.99

If you want to dress up as an animal for Halloween, you can't go wrong with the plus size bat Costume. It strikes the perfect balance between cuteness and scariness, featuring full sleeves that create the illusion of being able to fly. The earhood adds a lovely touch to your overall look while providing warmth. With this costume, you can effortlessly blend into the haunting vibe of the night.



Plus Size Skeleton Costume

Xpluswear Design Plus Size Halloween Costume Black Sequin Skeleton Mini Dress With Pocket


BUY IT NOW ! $56.99

Trust us, the plus size skeleton costume is an easy and quick way to achieve a perfect Halloween look. The spooky skeleton print instantly evokes a sense of fear and darkness, captivating everyone who sees it. We absolutely adore pairing it with knee-high boots for an added touch of coolness.



Plus Size Red Riding Hood Costume

Xpluswear Design Plus Size Halloween Costume Red Cosplay Cloak Velvet Jumpsuit [Pre-Order]


BUY IT NOW ! $57.99 (Save $7.00)

Are you a fan of fairy tales? If so, Halloween offers a chance to recreate your beloved classic characters! The plus size Red Riding Hood costume is an excellent choice to begin with, as it lends a flair of whimsy and mystery to Halloween activities. And here's an exciting bonus: you'll find yourself accompanied by a group of kids absolutely obsessed with your recognizable fairy tale appearance. This is a clear indication that your Halloween outfit is a resounding success!


Plus Size Classic Witch Costume

Xpluswear Design Plus Size Halloween Costume Purple Cosplay Witches Overlay Mesh Maxi Dress (Without Hat And Cane) [Pre-Order]


BUY IT NOW ! $62.99

Chant the spell of 'Double, double, toil and trouble' in this plus size Halloween witch costume, as if you truly possess magical powers that send shivers down people's spines. The outfit will effortlessly create a terrifying aura, especially when complemented by accessories such as a pointed hat and broomstick. Enhance your look with dramatic eyeshadow and bold purple lipstick, completing your transformation into a truly fearsome witch.



Plus Size Dark Queen of Hearts Costume

Xpluswear Design Plus Size Queen Of Hearts Halloween Costumes Checkered Print Lace Puff Sleeves Maxi Dress


BUY IT NOW ! $99.99

If you want to be the talk of town at any Halloween event, look no further than this plus size Dark Queen of Hearts costume! We introduce this costume to you because, in addition to its spooky allure, it exudes an undeniable sense of power and status, leaving others utterly unable to resist your commanding presence.



Plus Size Cruella de Vil Costume

Xpluswear Design Plus Size Halloween Costume Red Colorblock Tulle Mini Dress [Pre-Order]


BUY IT NOW ! $65.99

No joke, the plus size Cruella de Vil costume is guaranteed to steal your heart. It perfectly blends the spooky, stylish, and feminine elements, adding a modern and chic touch to your Halloween festivities.



Plus Size Green Metallic Catsuit Costume

Xpluswear Design Plus Size Casual Halloween Costume Green Metallic Long Sleeve Jumpsuit


BUY IT NOW ! $45.99

The plus size Green Metallic Catsuit Costume with laser cut is a clear nod to the futuristic style. It's specifically crafted to give you a striking and fashion-forward Halloween look that simply cannot be ignored. Not only does it accentuate your curves, but it also adds a flirty flair that enhances your attractiveness.



Plus Size Poison Ivy Costume

Xpluswear Design Plus Size Halloween Costumes Green Cosplay Sequin Strapless Mini Dress


BUY IT NOW ! $53.99

The plus size Poison Ivy costume with ivy leaf accents, in a bodycon mini silhouette, is an absolute showstopper that will turn heads. Its unique aesthetic appeal and a hint of danger make it truly captivating. To complete the look, pair the costume with a striking red wig and a stylish pair of heels.



Plus Size Spider Costume

Xpluswear Design Plus Size Halloween Costumes Black Spider Print Cold Shoulder Mini Dress (Only Dress)


BUY IT NOW ! $37.99

Embrace the spooky Halloween vibe with this plus size spider costume! Finalize the look with a pair of boots and stockings for the perfect match. With its dark shade and distinctive design, this costume allows you to seamlessly blend into the shadows, patiently waiting for the opportune moment to give your friends a good scare.



Plus Size Skeleton Costume

Xpluswear Plus Size Halloween Black Skeleton Print Cold Shoulder Split Maxi Dress


BUY IT NOW ! $39.99

The plus size Halloween skeleton costume offers everything you desire: cold shoulders and a side split for a touch of allure, along with a flattering and comfortable fit. It's the perfect attire for venturing through haunted houses and trails with your friends, fully experiencing the chilling atmosphere while looking absolutely fabulous.



Plus Size Cat Costume

Xpluswear Plus Size Halloween Black Cat Print U Neck Long Sleeves Loose Maxi Dress


BUY IT NOW ! $35.99

If you're partial to cats, why not opt for a black cat costume for your Halloween festivities? The scoop neck highlights your décolletage, while the relaxed fit allows for unrestricted mobility and conceals any areas that may cause self-consciousness. What enhances its charm is the incorporation of large, expressive eyes in the black cat motif, offering a perfect mix of spooky and adorable elements to your overall look.



Plus Size Black Skeleton Costume

Xpluswear Design Plus Size Halloween Costumes Black Skeleton Print Tulle Long Sleeves Midi Dress


BUY IT NOW ! $59.99

The plus size skeleton costume is definitely loved for a good reason. It exudes a spine-tingling charm that perfectly complements the Halloween theme. Furthermore, the inclusion of tulle introduces a whimsical and textured element to your ensemble, creating a truly unique and captivating look.



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