14 Best Plus Size Halloween Costumes of 2023 to Rock Your Spooky Style

With the arrival of Halloween, a world of thrilling events unfolds, inviting you to fully immerse yourself in the festivities. From Halloween parties to costume parades and contests, there are countless opportunities to embrace the spooky and playful spirit of this holiday.

If the thought of shopping for or creating a unique and impressive Halloween costume feels overwhelming, fear not! Xpluswear has the perfect solution for you. In our extensive list, you'll discover a diverse range of choices that allow you to dress up as your beloved characters from movies, TV shows, and fairy tales. Whether you're seeking scary Halloween costumes, funny Halloween costumes, or creative Halloween costumes, We've got you covered.

Our incredible selection of Halloween costumes is bound to enhance your holiday joy and guarantee that you'll be the standout star of the crowd. With just a simple click, they will empower you to effortlessly create a show-stopping Halloween ensemble that will leave everyone amazed. What's even better is that these costumes can be worn beyond Halloween, such as for cosplay, themed parties, and more.

Now, scroll down to find the ideal Halloween costume that matches your style!



Plus Size Ursula Costume

Xpluswear Design Plus Size Halloween Costume Black Inflatable Cosplay Knitted Two Piece Dress Set(Ships 24h)


BUY IT NOW ! $99.99

We don't have to limit ourselves to just Ariel; it's also a great idea to portray Ursula, the villainous sea witch. With this costume, you'll not only stand out as a captivating character but also stay cozy and comfortable throughout your Halloween or cosplay event.



Plus Size Gothic Lolita Costume

Xpluswear Design Plus Size Halloween Costume Gothic Red Satin Lace Bow Puff Sleeves Ruffle Layered Mini Dress


BUY IT NOW ! $49.99

If you're a fan of both Gothic and Lolita fashion, here's something that will make your day: the costume combines the best of both worlds! With lace accents, the dress exudes sophistication and elegance, adding a touch of refinement to your look.



Plus Size Poison Ivy Costume

Xpluswear Design Plus Size Halloween Costumes Green Cosplay Sequin Strapless Mini Dress


BUY IT NOW ! $53.99

In the realm of DC Comics, it's not only the renowned superheroes that grab our attention. Characters like Poison Ivy have also left an indelible mark on countless fans. With her intoxicating touch and captivating charm, Poison Ivy stands out as a distinct and unforgettable figure. If you choose to dress like her, you're sure to create a buzz wherever you go.



Plus Size Harley Quinn Costume

Xpluswear Design Plus Size Halloween Costume Red And Blue Cosplay Pu-Leather Colorblock Splicing Two Piece Pant Set


BUY IT NOW ! $47.99

Harley Quinn's distinctive personality and haunting look have made her an iconic figure in DC comics. You can embrace the festive and playful aura of Halloween with the plus size Harley Quinn costume.



Plus Size Red Riding Hood Costume

Xpluswear Design Plus Size Halloween Costumes Red Cloak Lace Up Maxi Dress (Only Cloak And Dress) (Ships 24h)


BUY IT NOW ! $49.99

Trust us, the plus size Red Riding Hood costume is a surefire winner for any Halloween event. Once you step into the crowd wearing this iconic outfit, all eyes will be on you. Its recognizable and innocent look is sure to attract compliments from every direction. So, grab your picnic basket and get ready to collect an abundance of candy!



Plus Size Catsuit Costume

Xpluswear Design Plus Size Halloween Costume Black Cat Gothic See-Through Long Sleeve Mesh Jumpsuit (Without Headwear And Glove)


BUY IT NOW ! $59.99

You can always rely on the plus size catsuit costume, especially when it's embellished with dazzling rhinestone detailing. This form-fitting ensemble beautifully accentuates your curves in all the right places, ensuring a flattering and seamless look that is certain to capture hearts.



Plus Size Queen of Hearts Costume

Xpluswear Design Plus Size Halloween Costumes Cosplay Queen Of Hearts Checkered Print Lace Puff Sleeves Maxi Dress (Without Crown)


BUY IT NOW ! $84.99

Make a truly regal statement with this gorgeous Queen of Hearts costume. As soon as you slip into it, you'll be transported to the enchanting and whimsical world of Wonderland. So get ready to immerse yourself in the magic and charm that awaits you.



Plus Size Pirate Costume

Xpluswear Design Plus Size Halloween Costume Red Cosplay One Shoulder Lace Up Irregular Knitted Midi Dress [Pre-Order]


BUY IT NOW ! $77.99

There's truly nothing that compares to paying homage to the Caribbean Pirates Series like this plus size pirate costume. It effortlessly transforms you into a bold and fierce image, instilling unwavering confidence that no other costume can overshadow.



Plus Size Tiffany Honey Costume

Xpluswear Design Plus Size Halloween Costume 1920s Flapper Dress Gothic Square Collar Sleeveless High Split Velvet Midi Dress


BUY IT NOW ! $37.99

When it comes to dressing up for Halloween events, we absolutely adore recreating the iconic look of Audrey Hepburn's character, Holly Golightly! Choosing the plus size Holly Golightly costume allows you to tap into your elegant side and leave a mesmerizing impression.



Plus Size Skeleton Costume

Xpluswear Design Plus Size Halloween Costume Gothic Skeleton Print Long Sleeve Knitted Jumpsuit


BUY IT NOW ! $32.99

The plus size skeleton costume is a foolproof choice for effortlessly pulling off a creepy and spooky Halloween look. It's a timeless classic that you'll find at every Halloween celebration. With its eerie appeal, this costume will deliver maximum bone-chilling impact with minimal effort required.



Plus Size Maleficent Costume

Xpluswear Design Plus Size Halloween Costume Cosplay Black Witches Two Piece Skirt Set (Without Headwear) [Pre-Order]


BUY IT NOW ! $72.99

The Disney live-action film "Maleficent," with Angelina Jolie as the star, has been a massive hit. And the Maleficent costume, featuring horns and a dark, dramatic ensemble, has gained immense popularity. When you put on this Maleficent costume, you'll radiate power and majesty, truly capturing the essence of Maleficent.



Plus Size Pumpkin Costume

Xpluswear Design Plus Size Halloween Costume Orange Cosplay Inflatable Pumpkin Mini Dress(Ships 24H)


BUY IT NOW ! $42.49

If you're on the hunt for something hilarious that will bring loads of joy and laughter to your Halloween festivities, look no further than the plus size pumpkin costume. And to top it off, it won't put a dent in your wallet!



Plus Size Gold Goddess Costume

Xpluswear Design Plus Size Casual Halloween Costume Khaki Golden Goddess Maxi Dress


BUY IT NOW ! $49.99

To effortlessly embody the allure of an elegant goddess, simply don this exquisite plus size gold goddess costume. Enhance the ensemble with cascading curls and a pair of heels and your innate feminine charm is bound to catch everyone's gaze.



Plus Size Mad Hatter Costume

[Ships In US]Xpluswear Design Plus Size Halloween Costumes Stripe Print Mad Bow Tie Mini Dress


BUY IT NOW ! $54.99

You can't go wrong with the plus size Mad Hatter Costume! To enhance the overall effect, add some extra flair with exaggerated makeup. Your friends will be amazed by your striking resemblance to the Mad Hatter!

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